Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt

Sam made a good post on the problems he's encountered working from home full-time. I don't work from home, don't think I ever could, but it was an interesting read anyway. There were some comments that followed his post, mainly from someone I guess he used to work with who took offense over something Sam said. It seemed kind of silly to me, but also seemed familier.

The issue at hand was whether or not this person had done the things Sam claimed he had (babysat his kids while he was "working from home"). It all seemed pretty silly to me, and probably seems silly to anyone who knows Sam. He's not the type of person to ever make wild allegations that aren't founded in reality. In fact, he can be quite infuriating to argue anything with as he normally has tons of evidence to back up his side... usually a lot more than anyone else. So, for him to claim something like this you naturally will assume he's not pulling made up issues out of his ass.

Anyway, this exchange caused me to search through some old IRC logs I had from a couple of years ago, and I discovered that not only was Sam correct, the person arguing the point actually said exactly what Sam said he had in IRC.

Seeing as my site is called "Tin Foil" I probably should mention something about being careful what you say in public forums like IRC because you never know when it may come back to haunt you, but I wont.